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Recent graduate of Kettering University with a BS in Applied Physics. My interests lie within Sports Engineering, more specifically hockey sticks and hockey protective equipment. On my blog you will find many bits about sports and science with a little of my life mixed in. Feel free to contribute. My teams: Michigan Wolverines Detroit Red Wings Detroit Tigers Atlanta Braves New England Patriots Detroit Lions

Ski trip day 1

Dear Diary,

I did not sleep well last night. Little known fact, the heat in my room was off. It was COLD! Then once I figured that out, it was too hot.

We trekked all around to find my ski rentals and I got them. Boy had I ever forgotten how much a pain ski boots are. It snowed all the way up until we were ready to ski so there was a touch of fresh stuff which was nice.

We started on the first time lift so that I could remember how to ride a lift and how to ski.  It came back fairly easily.

We then jumped on the Crescent lift and hit one of my former favorite runs: Homerun.  Because we only took the Crescent, we were about 1/2 way up.  2000′ decent in 2 miles.  This is what I remember.

But oof, I was exhausted by the time we got to the bottom.  We did it again, of course.  About half way, my legs were like “what on earth” and began to wobble.  We made it down and headed off for pizza lunch.

After lunch, we got on another lift I remember, the Payday and hit a few green trails down.  The afternoon was less fun because it got rather icy.

Onto the hot tub and day 2.

Adios 2014. Get outa here!

What a year 2014 has been.  There was the good: new house and a new car; the bad: Easton’s “divorce” and all the car accidents; but it has all kept me on my toes, reminding us we are all human and things can change at any moment.  I’ve had to put my dream of working on hockey sticks on hold to learn and be mentored by some of the most respected people in the industry.  I’ve also learned the ins and outs of home ownership, and I have to say, I enjoy having a place that is completely mine.  This year has put me on almost every major airline traveling through 16 cities, many for the first time.  I’ve strengthened many friendships and had the time of my life in central PA this summer with the Russell family.

Overall, I would not consider this my best year, but it was full of new experiences.  I can only hope that 2015 is better.  I hope to build on the good of 2014 and learn from the bad.  I look forward to skiing Utah with my friends, hope to visit North Carolina for the first time to visit my brother in his new life, and I will miss my friend Justin as he begins a new adventure in the Navy.

Here is to booting 2014 out and welcoming in 2015 with open arms.

The real reason Brady Hoke was fired

Today was a sad day for me as a Michigan Football fan.  I have been a Brady Hoke supporter since day 1 and while I may not agree with everything that has occurred, I thought he could get the team turned around.  The main problem is the offensive player development was not there.  But one aside, Devin Gardner was a Rich Rod recruit.  I liked him because he understood the Michigan way, kids worked hard, the rules were followed and his players developed into outstanding young men.  Exhibit Devin Gardner when Barrett went down on Saturday.1794749_10205372087772453_8505672240273136455_n

But, I understand that as a business, Hoke had to go because the people overwhelmingly wanted it.  If he didn’t we would have the same attendance problem that we did this season.  People would protest and not show up.  Without butts on benches in the stands, Michigan Football isn’t what it needs to be in the eyes of the athletic department.

Here is where I am worried.  Who is next?  It has to be a pro-style coach.  That is a given.  As much as I (and a ton of fellow fans) want it to be Jim Harbaugh, he has already stated that he’s not a candidate.  Also, this job has lost a lot of the appeal it has seemed.  And, lastly, prior to Rich Rod, Michigan had not done a coaching search since 1969… just think about that.

Brady Hoke, thank you for helping right the ship and best of luck with your future endeavors.  Go Blue!Michigan vs Michigan State Football


Has technology ruined our lives?

Think about that for a moment.  We have all heard the whole social media argument that we share too much and it affects friendships, relationships, jobs, etc.  But that is not what I am talking about.

The other day while sitting on the couch, catching up on DVR shows, I was trying to remember what time my flight was so I pulled out my smart phone and had a look at my calendar.  I remember a time when you book a flight and commit that information to memory.

I recently got a new car that has that fancy Bluetooth dialing so I was teaching important phone numbers to the internal directory.  I was trying to add my mom, dad and brother but could not remember their phone numbers.  Heck, this car can even remember where I parked for me!

We are in a day and age where everything worth remembering is on our phones and we do not need to remember anything.  It makes me wonder, what is in store for my generation and those who follow?  We grew up in the cell phone era.  Will our brain capacity be lower than our parents and grandparents?  I know Alzheimer’s is a relatively new disease, but will my generation have that more prevalently than the older generations that had to remember any phone numbers, schedules, or any other important details?

What does this tech boom mean for our brains as we get older?

Conflicted Michigan fan

This has already been an upsetting season for Michigan fans.  This pains me to put these stats up, but it is necessary:

  • 2 offensive TD against Power 5 teams + ND (shutout by ND)
  • First shutout since ’84
  • 3 losses in the month of September – never happened in our 135 year history (not even under RR)
  • Utter emptiness in the stands: so much so that we have to offer buy 2 cokes, get 2 tickets to fill it

But here is where I am conflicted.  Michigan did not play awfully against Notre Dame:


The place we lost is in turnovers.  Turnovers kill us.

Against Utah, same story.  The box score shows that turnovers are awful.  Up until this point, I was content with letting Hoke keep his job.  Devin Gardner has always been prone to throwing INTs.  His form is just not that of a great passing QB.  But, he is still Rich Rod’s guy.  We have Russell Bellomy and Shane Morris waiting in the wind as Hoke’s guys.

But this past week, things are starting to change for me.  Losing is one thing.  I know that fixing Rich Rod’s foundation is going to take way longer than my fellow Michigan fans want.  I also know that having 3 coaches in the 7 years since Lloyd Carr retired is not good for the program.  But the way Michigan lost today was really embarrassing.  Again the stats:

  • 171 total yards (I guess a pro is that we had a balanced attack)
  • Still 2 turnovers

But it was the intangibles that got me worried about the future.  There is no leadership.  Guys are not holding each other accountable.  Shane Morris was on the sideline smiling and laughing.  Is it FUN to lose badly?  Devin Gardner wore the headset, but I never saw him talk to Morris on the sideline.  As much as I cannot stand Jameis Winston, at lease her was out there cheering on and helping out when he was suspended last week.  Also, I cannot be sure, but the O-Line seemed to work harder when Gardner came in at the end.  If these things are going on, then maybe Hoke has to go.  But for this, not because of his record.

Regardless, this is NOT Michigan.  I will still always be a loyal Michigan fan, but this is hard to watch.

So comment: should Hoke be fired?  If so, who should replace him?

Women in Science

I do not generally have conversations about women vs men or whatever.  I like to think of society of being equal, but I know this to not be true.  Recently, there was a viral video released as a Verizon commercial.  It took me a week or so to get around to watch it but it struck me hard.  In case you have not seen the video, you can watch it here.

Let that sink in and gather your thoughts an emotions.  Basically, as this girl is growing up, she is told she should not do things because that is what boys do.  She should focus on being a girl.  I was fortunate enough to grow up with family who encouraged me to explore my love of science and math.  Through college, I strived to help get girls involved and excited about science.  I wrongly believed that schools should help.  This commercial has shown me that I am wrong.  Schools can do all they want, but if the girls are getting negative reinforcement at home, that will do nothing to help the 18% statistic shown at the end.

So, I thought that was the end.  A few days later, I received an email summary from LinkedIn with a link to words that every girl should learn.  This seemed like a very good “next step to the commercial I had seen earlier”.  The 18% of girls who make it out of school, go into very male-dominated fields.  And male-dominated it is.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of males in leadership positions who consciously or un-consciously do not respect the young women they lead.  All too often, the young women are talked over, interrupted, ignored, etc.  This can be pretty frustrating so this article discusses suggestions for combating this.

“Stop interrupting me.” 

“I just said that.”

“No explanation needed.”

While these things are pretty hard to say, it is important to defend yourself otherwise you get walked all over.  This goes for men and women both.

This had to be the end, right?  The next night, I saw this plot sent to someone on facebook.




I had many thoughts about it:

1. Sweet, I have the highest IQ in the world! (Well people with my degree)

2. Wow, there are hardly any fields with fewer girls than Physics

Then, I started to think about it more.  Why is it that as there are more female majors, the IQ drops?  Is it because women are dumb?  I really hope not.  I think it goes back to society.  There is a common saying out there; “dumb blonde”.  Basically, blonde girls are allowed to be dumb.  Why?  There is no male equivalent.  Is a boy acted like a “dumb blonde”, he would be an outcast.  So is this plot because of society?


So, what do you guys think?  The facts show that there are not enough girls going into science and engineering.  So what can we do to reverse that trend?






House Pics

Well since a lot of people are not on fb but want to see the house, here are some pics for y’all.

Pulling my car in the garage the day I got the keys.  Lots to do, but excited to have a big garage!
Pulling my car in the garage the day I got the keys. Lots to do, but excited to have a big garage!
Sweet garage setup.  Lots of sticks and bikes finally hung.
Sweet garage setup. Lots of sticks and bikes finally hung.
Adding character to my back fence.  Need to get Lions and Wings flags to add to the collection.
Adding character to my back fence. Need to get Lions and Wings flags to add to the collection.
Gnomes guarding my fire place.
Gnomes guarding my fire place.


Penn State

I am un-doubt-ably a Michigan fan, but I do (maybe I should say did?) have a lot of respect for Penn State.  I have no knocks on them because they have a poor record against Michigan and we are not really rivals.  But these past 2 years, it’s really hard to keep that respect alive.  The whole Jerry Sandusky deal – yes he’s a bad guy and it’s open for debate if Joe Paterno  is equally at fault, but to punish the team?  Take Joe Pa’s wins away (the ones that the TEAM earned)?  That is not fair.  What the NCAA did was unfair to the players.  Then Bill O’Brie n came in and managed to field respectable teams, despite the restrictions in scholarships, the “free pass” the NCAA gave to players to transfer.  Quite possibly the best story is the freshman QB they have, not only staying committed, but also getting his fellow freshmen to stay.

Then bill O’Brien leaves for the NFL.  At first, I thought it was rather unfair that he would bolt a team that he has built into a respectful team, and let down the players he convinced to stay, the guys he recruited for another job.  Then the reports came out about “Paterno loyalists”, and heck yeah, any coach in their right mind should leave.  I am not sure I agree with all of his comments made (see article and countless others like it), but these people were not going to be happy, no matter what he did.  I do not think they realize how lucky they were to have Bill O’Brien as their coach!  After this came out, I am not sure who would want to coach there?  They have a fantastic group of players, but if the fans cannot get behind their coach…?

Now, before I have the PSU fan readers all up in my business because “why is a Michigan fan writing this… she doesn’t know the first thing about Penn State”, I do not disagree.  I couldn’t care less what happens over there, you are right.  But I do know a thing or two about fans, good coaching, tradition and all that.  I can safely say that I really wanted O’Brien to be the head coach of the Lions, way back at the beginning of December.  I realize all of the great tradition Penn State’s football program has and  I also know what it means for a coach to come in and mess with traditions.  But, O’Brien did not miss a step with anything.  Winning, graduation, player retention, and draft picks were a priority for him.  What more could you ask for.

I now condescendingly say “best of luck with your new coach and your future.”  I think you lost your best chance.

Hockeytown plays host to NHL’s Winter Classic

I have to start out by admitting that for the past few days I have been like a kid in a toy store picking out my Christmas present (apparently that’s a thing now).  I have been waiting pretty much my entire life for the Wings to play a hockey game at Michigan Stadium.  With the tease of the classic last year, the suspense has been building and buy did we nail it!

I think I was more excited about the alumni games at Comerica Park once I started to see the rosters.  The first game had great players (Red Barinson, and Jiri Fischer making a comeback), but the 2nd game was certainly the premiere event.  The Wings side was stacked with all of my heroes – the Russian 5, The Grind Line, Lidstrom, Homer, Shanny, and of course, Stevie Y!  It was like the dream team of Detroit Red Wings.  Since I was working, I DVRd both games and I am pretty sure that the 2nd game will never come off it!

The actual game lived up to hype and the Michigan weather put on a show also.  Detroit lost in the only way Detroit knows how to play this season – in a shootout.  The game was filled with constant snowfall but the “grounds crew” did a great job with the ice it seems.  No snow forts, snowball fights or guys losing edges.

The only thing missing, someone doing the Desmond Howard Heisman pose!  It was a great day to be associated with Hockeytown.

BigTen, I flip you a bird!

This week, the BigTen Network reminded Michigan fans of the past injustices committed by the BigTen Conference in their documentary “Tiebreakers”.  It recounted the decision to send Ohio to the Rose Bowl and leave Michigan at home following the 10-10 tie.  If you are not familiar with this game, google it.

During the first half of the football game between these 2 schools, Ohio lineman Marcus Hall decided to salute the Michigan crowd on National TV with a double bird as he walked off the firld for being ejected. 

Now, any time a player does this in the NFL, they are fined.  In college football, since players are not paid (HA HA HA HA It’s Ohio, we are talking about… of course they are paid!), they cannot be fined.  On Saturday, The head Buckeye cheater himself, Urban Meyer announced that he had “talked with all the players involved but no suspensions would be handed out”.  He, in essence, left it up to the conference.

Sometime this morning, the B1G decided that it is perfectly OK to throw punches, then give 2 middle fingers to the crowd while walking off the field, all on national TV.  Noted.  The BigTen just want Ohio to win the Championship game and go to the national title game to make the conference look good.

To that, I say GO SPARTY!  I hope MSU destroys Ohio this weekend!  Hall made a joke of his team (they are a joke) and the conference for not suspending him (at least), or his friends for their actions Saturday.

The BigTen Conference, proving that they are all about winning since 1974.

Stay classy!